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Additive Synthesis, Inverse Transform, FFT, Sinusoidal Oscillators
Agile Development, Rapid Prototyping, Conductive fabric, Piezoresistive fabric, conductive heatshrink tubing, augmented instruments
Engineering, Computing & Technology (TECH)
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OSE, spatialization
OSW, Open Sound World, Music Programming Language, Data Flow, Visual Programming
An Open Architecture for Real-Time Audio Processing Software, Chaudhary, Amar, Freed Adrian, and Wright Matthew , Audio Engineering Society 107th Convention,, New York, NY, p.preprint #5031, (1999) Abstract
Pressure and force sensing, High-resolution gestural signals, Touchpad, VersaPad.
resonances, biquads, parametric eq
Musical Applications of New Filter Extensions to Max/MSP, Jehan, Tristan, Freed Adrian, and Dudas Richard , International Computer Music Conference, Beijing, China, p.504-507, (1999) Abstract
resonances, reson8, macmix, DSP multiprocessor
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User Interfaces, Computer Music, 3D, GUI