Wearable Video Game Platform Bracelet

This bracelet has an Arduino-powered ring of white LED's with a 3-axis accelerometer tilt sensor. How many interactions/games can you think of with this platform? There are 3 in the video: Hand in the air: flashes (because at a party you want to signal that you want someone to talk to?). Horizontal hand: always illuminates the top LED's whatever rotation your arm has ("smart flashlight") Spins of the wrist: a blob spins around in the same direction and slows to a stop.

Interactive Soft Circuits and eTextiles Workshop with Arduino Lilypad in Berkeley, California

Dates: Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27, 2010 from 10am to 5pm


ETextile Materials, Musical Instruments and Portable Lab. Demonstration at Maker Faire

Thanks to Angela Sheehan from Soft Circuit Saturdays for filming this in the challenging, busy, noisy environment of Maker Faire.

MacMix Dyaxis Digital Audio Workstation

Example video

Maker Faire 2007

My table at Maker Faire 2007 including my first e-textile work with peizoresistive fabric, my duotouch pad and floor sensor and some great interactive demos whipped together by Andy Schmeder. Michael Zbyszynski dropped in and talked about his Ikea bowl speakers. It was great that Dan Overholt was nearby demonstrating his e-field sensor array.

Berkeley Faculty Club Directions

The faculty club is on the East side of campus at the same level as the Cal Stadium. Public Parking is available on weekends in the Bancroft lot or in a the Boalt lot just a few hundred feet south east of the Faculty Club: This page will generate directions: although I find the directions to the building next to it more helpful:

Arduino Size Matters: how many do you have?

The current growth of the Arduino platform is fueled by the many new boards that make it easier to squeeze Atmega processors and their associated peripherals into ever smaller spaces or unusual places such as clothing.

Adrian Freed Teaching Accolades

Thanks for these flattering comments. The best complements you give are with all the wonderful things you have been inspired to make after taking my classes.

"Adrian is such a gifted teacher and I really felt like the environment allowed me to see that this area is doable by people and it's not as mysterious as it feels when I work on it on my own. I loved it."


"Thanks so much, it was a great workshop, you were super."

"Teachers asking about good and bad are lost" grades vs learning

This is a summary and then expansion of a riff of mine from a debate on the grades vs learning issue in the middle of a fascinating high-paced jam session on the future of education and new contexts for schooling at foocamp 2009.

Arduino Workshop for Interactive Art Installations, Performance and Musical Instruments in Berkeley, California

Dates:Saturday May 15 and Sunday May 16, 2010

from 10am to 5pm


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